A talk with inventor of new Tribine combine

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I just spoke with Ben Dillon, the farmer who invented the Tribine harvester. Dillon claims the machine represents the first fundamental change in harvester architecture since combines were self-propelled in the 1940s.


He’s brought the prototype machine to AG CONNECT to get reaction from farmers, custom harvesters, and manufacturers.


The Tribine is a Class 7 combine merged with a thousand-bushel wagon that can unload in two minutes. It has full-time four-wheel drive with automatic load sharing symmetrical axles, tires and power. The crab steering capability enables the auger to reach out 23 feet. Dillon claims the concept will save labor, fuel and capital costs, while reducing compaction with its controlled traffic capability.


“The intent is to reduce the equipment needed in the field and keep the machine harvesting longer,” Dillon said. “This thing can do over a mile.”


The Tribine sure looks like a big idea—literally. But AG CONNECT is its first public display, so it will be interesting to see how the machine is received here.


"I’m a farmer and we’re a family company," Dillon said. "We will need a manufacturer to go forward.”


What’s your reaction to the Tribine? Thoughts?


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