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We visited the DuPont Pioneer exhibit this afternoon to check out their award-winning technology, the PrecisionPac Herbicide Dispensing System. The product was cited as a Gold AE50 award winner yesterday by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. We came away with a good story and a great set of wrenches.


"The PrecisionPac dispenser creates a customized herbicide mixture from active ingredients at the point of sale," according to the ASABE awards script. "The system can blend up to six components in various ratios to create a vast range of herbicide products."


The dispenser also can create a precise unit-area package customized to match the farmer's field size or sprayer load.


Pioneer representative Janelle Buxton was at the booth handing out what I think might be the coolest swag available at AG CONNECT--a six-wrench set.


Still time to swing by the booth and pick up your wrenches. Thanks, Janelle!

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That is really nice that the product was cited as award winner.


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