Meeting Marketeye

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Darrin Steinert (photo, left) stopped by the AG CONNECT Center Stage to say hello to the Farming team, including Mike McGinnis, a.k.a. Marketeye. Steinert is a regular contributor to Marketing Talk, where McGinnis posts daily reports on the commodity prices and marketing strategies. This was their first chance to meet face to face.


AG CONNECT has been a good venue for surveying new machinery, Steinert said. He's been most interested in "anything to do with no-till but primarily a strip-till equipment," he said. "I'm taking a look at different features, seeing what's available.


"I'd like to see what I might be able to do to take it to the next level, and just decide if it's an option I want to continue to pursue," Steinert said.


"But pretty much everything here interests me. It's a very innovative show," he added.


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