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bruce MN

$1,000,000 bounty offered by TX Lt. Gov

For “reliable” proof of voter fraud.

A) If someone needs to do this it  it likely speaks volumes of what they hold, even with the massive resources they possess.


This is State money he is offering. The maximum reward for a tip on a felon or fugitive in Texas is $7500.

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Senior Advisor

Re: $1,000,000 bounty offered by TX Lt. Gov

As per our little Bullwinkle go around about the Alamo.

Texas has a sordid past that it hasn't yet shed.

Probably the most interesting segment would be the dryland cotton country populists- Farmers and Ranchers Alliance there- who were a key element of the New Deal coalition. They were a force, but never dominant in TX politics. They dealt when they had to but never trucked with the dominant Jim Crow segregationist powers downstate.

Senior Advisor

Re: Just because he's offering it doesn't mean he'll actually pay it out.

From what we've seen of Patrick,  he appears to be a real "wack job".

bruce MN

One more Lt Governor