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Senior Advisor

10 alarm blaze

craziest week ever means that DD and The Grim Reaper are trying to goad the House into a quick impeachment vote.

After some harrumphing for the cameras, the Senate will acquit and together they'll have a full year to burn down the Constitution*.

I sure am glad that the youngsters didn't manage to oust Pelosi because she fully understands this. Slow and steady, more and more people will come forward, on more and more matters. Get the financial stuff before making any move. 

Risk is that the public attention span proves inadequate, particularly with Russian "talking points" flying in from everywhere. You know, how the party that couldn't get anything done when they had all the chips are concerned about all the important things that aren't getting done. That's still the lesser risk.

*in favor of Constitution Lite which is comprised of the 1st Amendment for hate speech and the 2nd, and some other inconsequential stuff. And How Things Used To Be.