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Senior Contributor

100 Days

I see your dear leader has now spent 100 days golfing since he took office AND he is putting the official seal of the president on his golf courses flags.

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Senior Contributor

Re: 100 Days

And what great hardship does this cause you? I thought so shut up and go sit in a corner.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: 100 Days

You oughta look at the "bright side" Canuck.   When Kunta Kente was on the golf course, I rejoiced as he wasn`t making America 3rd world again.   At least this President own his golf courses.


Re: 100 Days

You guys were bad winners while you were winning and will be especially bad losers.

Veteran Advisor

Re: 100 Days

Allen, go look how much it has cost us.

Why doesn't he go to camp David, where all
The other presidents have...this way he makes
Money for his golf propertys !!!

Can't you see thru that ???

He brags he is so rich, and we spend so much,
Why doesn't he just tear up the bill from
His golf course ??

He made simular statements while running.