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BA Deere
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Re: 11/22/63

I wasn`t born at that time. JFK was one of the last good Democrats, but we have to remember that he was only in office for less than 2 years, kind of still in the "presidential honeymoon" period  (if anyone can still remember those) had he served a full term or two perhaps he`d be remembered less fondly?  There wasn`t the huge difference between Republicans and Democrats back then that there is now, so there was a bigger pool of admirers.  Today JFK`s "Bay of Pigs" would`ve been exploited much more.

As far as Bruce`s story, about every president that I`ve survived, I`ve heard people/kids joking (I hope it was joking) about "I hope someone shoots him"  I don`t go for that, even as much as I hated Obama, I didn`t wish any harm for him.   When Reagan was shot, I knew people (sick) who were happy.  For 4 years there`s been people who SOULD KNOW better, that wished death on President Trump.

When you can project that someone is "Hitler" then the whole college exercise of "If you could go back in time, would you kill baby Hitler?" that is only one small step from wishing the president gets shot.

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Re: 11/22/63

He is an evil man who has brought out the evil in the hearts of his cult.

But I've always said, he needs to receive his legal, constitutional just desserts. Heaven help us from what you Q Klucks Klanners would do if a hair on his head was harmed.

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Re: 11/22/63

@bruce MN wrote:

Nah! There got to be a lot of speculation about who was behind it once Oswald got shot. And then it exploded as the Warren Commission was meeting to compile it’s Report. 

But the good folk MAGA predecessors in our community would gather at the pool hall and the feed mill and the one conclusion that you could come away with from those discussions was that “it couldn’t have been the communists because the minnow munching, xxxxx loving son of a batch was one of ‘em”. 

you epitomize the quote of Ronald Reagan. *

I was alive and mature when the President was murdered.  I wasn't discussing some Warren report or Monday morning quarter backs.  I was telling you that on the day the President died, people gathered and they didn't know what was going to happen.  That day a lot of people thought this was the beginning of an attack. 



*'It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so.'

Ronald Reagan


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Re: 11/22/63

Not saying he pulled the trigger, but I bet he knew who did.

Regime change tends to be the CIA's deal.  But now they're more civilized and just have to send in the voting machines as has been on display in 2020.

Kennedy was far from perfect, but they viewed him as dangerous to them as Trump is because he had the same goal.

Funny that they placed Dulles in charge of the Warren commission who Kennedy had fired.