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Senior Contributor

116th Congress Accomplishments

It will be nice to have the 116th investigative congress come back to work and actually accomplish the peoples business now that Russia, Russia, Russia is finally behind us - what, wait judiciary chairman clown high pants plans to continue to investigate something or anything that he can call high crimes & misdemeanors until he can persuade leader aoc to agree to allow him to go forward with something or anything. 

So, never-mind, more of the same, the 116th investigative congress will not be accomplishing anything for the people.

Now it would appear that the best impeachment path forward for clown high pants, the DNC, and their cohorts in the main stream / liberal media is "sharpie gate", the main stream / liberal media has spent hours upon hours on this subject and they and aoc are who clown high pants takes his orders from. 

More good comedy to come from our 116th investigative congress.


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Senior Advisor

Re: 116th Congress Accomplishments

Funny how the fake stream media made fools of themselves and their followers again on sharpiegate. Well I guess Donothing Nancy will have to hide her dolessness and come up with something to ban.

bruce MN

Re: 116th Congress Accomplishments

Interesting that you seem to be saying that you would actually prefer that Congress be actually legislating. 

Government by Executive Order seems to be working quite well for your politics and desires. 

It’s not hard to imagine how you might feel if Jan 2021 brought a situation where legislation were a possibility. And the EO function stayed in place. 

Senior Advisor

Re: 116th Congress Accomplishments

So then I take it your are against the Indian issuing her man made global warming EOs.