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14,787 Florida hospitalizations tonight

Florida hospitalizations 14,787 tonight up from 13,056 just a day ago.

90% of Florida's ICU beds & 85% of all hospital beds are filled, ambulances waiting to unload in major city hospitals, the Federal government sending hundreds of ventilators, and  DeSantis said, quote, " he was unaware of the federal allocation when he was asked about it Tuesday by WPLG-TV of Miami". DeSantis says, " I have to check to see if that's true or not," he told the station. "I would honestly doubt that that's true".

  Sounds like Florida's crisis managers are going around DeSantis because "he won't get out of the way,"

   It doesn't really matter that Florida won't report numbers of new infections properly, hospitalizations and waiting ambulances tell us all we need to know.

You sure don't want to get in a serious traffic accident or have a heart attack in Florida tonight.  I wonder what this will do to Florida's excess deaths statistics.

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Re: 14,787 Florida hospitalizations tonight

Given the past two weeks’ case trajectory, system overload is around the corner.

If anybody has a spare reefer you might be able to cash in.