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150 Democrats voted against farmers

They want the EPA to regulate dust that happens when a farmer tills or moves in the field.  Now that the Republicans passed the bill to stop the over zealous EPA from its insane regulations agenda in one area we find it was for naught as Obama will veto it even if the senate were to pass it.


We must get rid of these people.

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Hawken Cougar
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Senior Contributor

Re: 150 Democrats voted against farmers

How many farmers are Democrats?Smiley Indifferent

Either way it hurts farmers and that's nothing new coming from Democrats.

You're repeating lies, drinking that coolaid has you completely confused

  No one attempted to make any legislation to regulate dust caused by farmers.  That just did not happen.  Some GOP politicians like my districts congressman, the phony little air head bucket calf Cory Gardener, has repeated the lie that the EPA was going to make regulations to fine farmers for the dust they raise.  It was speculation that grew into a big lie, it never happened and the EPA has said several times they had no intention of doing so; didn't happen.  But stupid little Cory, following orders from his handlers introduced a bill to 'stop" the EPA and they are using it to confuse their brainwashed flock.  It used to be prairie dogs now it's dust, It's all circus, keep the sheeple confused, afraid so they can pretend to protect them from the boogymans.    Cory is the product of the colorado political machine run by Donald Ament and friends, who trained and controlled Wayne Dullard.

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Re: 150 Democrats voted against farmers

This explains the process that has gone on pretty fairly I think.