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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: BA’s 1980

Like the opening speech in the Patton movie `Americans love war` (even Democrats) because they get to play Army man and spend money...usually spilling other people`s blood and spending other people`s money.   But in todays world of impatiently waiting at the microwave for the minute rice to cook, they get tired of war as well.   Then Democrats find a backbone and come out against the war, conveniently leaving out all their previous cheerleading  and flag waving (Democrats go from waving the flag to wiping their feet on the flag in nothing flat).

But American citizens criticizing, perhaps outright bashing the United States.   I guess a good example is "slave reparations"  some are so guilt ridden that they propose cutting a $50,000 check to each dark pigmented American, maybe they are first generation coming from Kenya or Jamaica, they still get a check because of skin pigment.  To the half White, great great great great grandson of a former slave maybe the $50,000 check isn`t enough, so they burn down Cincinnati out of protest.  Those of us paying more taxes so our dark pigmented neighbors can buy a new Lexus, we aren`t going to be happy.   So what good actually comes out of some of this America bashing that Reagan absolved us of?