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188,083 new cases of coronavirus, 2013 deaths and .....

188,083 new cases of coronavirus, 2013 deaths, and neither Kansas nor Nebraska have reported yet.  Meanwhile, Giuliani claims there was a "grand conspiracy" to deny trump the vote but offers no proof while trump sits in the White House and sulks.

  Well, Meadows said that trump had given up the fight against the coronavirus but you can't quite believe it when you see it.  The governors and mayors are begging the people to protect themselves but trump refuses to even suggest anything.  He can't even be bothered to fake concern.

  It's as if trump really wants Americans to sicken and die.  

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Senior Advisor

Re: 188,083 new cases of coronavirus, 2013 deaths and .....

Trump has provided for the states requests. The governor are in charge of their own states. And they hand off to the mayors and other county officials. That's how things work in this country. We are governed by our citizens. Trump acknowledges and respects this.