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2 state solution..

...for America?  I don`t have a eyewash link, but only my ruminates after catching bits of the Sunday shows on "what the Republican party needs to do". 


I don`t know what Rand Paul is exactly up to with his "immigration reform" rhetoric, all I can say is listen closely to his words,  "...path to citizenship for those willing to live and WORK here..." that`s pretty vague and ambiguous, perhaps he`s telling everyone what they want to hear and being a "politican".   I really don`t think Mexicans are going to all of a sudden become +50% Republicans because they "grant amnesty" it`s a cultural thing, they have been brainwashed into thinking the "Whities are out to get `em" and whities are Republicans, that`s something that isn`t going to be changed. If 11 million are granted amnesty, you will at the very least have 9 million more Democrat voters and the other 2 million won`t bother to vote.


With gay marriage, they`re all saying "Hillary is running in `16, she come out of the closet".  Gays make up 2% of the population, most gays have as much interest in getting hitched as a "Lady killer" that goes on alot of dates does, they have similar lifestyles.  But those gays that do want betroth, by all means find out that "to get one only costs a $2 marriage license, but to get rid of `em is a whole lot more expensive"Smiley Happy as my uncle used to say. It`s funny whenever it`s put up to a vote, even in liberal California, voters shoot down gay marriage. Yet talking heads say Repubs need to embrace it to stay viable...I just don`t see gays jumping on the Republican bandwagon all 2% of them, if Repubs put gay marriage in their platform.


As Karl Rove said there`s a majority of Republican governors.  Republicans are in danger of "over thinking " why they lost in 2012.  0bama go less votes than he did in 2008...McCain`s votes in `08 would have beat 0bama in `12!  Two factors at play, candidate Romney was vilified by the media, Ann Romney was framed as "a practicing equestrian".  And #2 many in the middle of the road did not want the first president of color to have a failed presidency, which it would`ve been if he left office in January.  Many think 0bama`s problems are cyclical and if given a 2nd chance he may leave with dignity(they are wrong, but that`s what they think).


I firmly believe that if voters were given a "re-do" they would vote overwhelmingly for Romney, but this isn`t horseshoes, close doesn`t count and what the hell do I know, I can`t believe Romney lostSmiley Happy although I could see the writing on the wall after Chris Christie hugged and kissed him.


We don`t have the option of a "2 state solution" in this country, right or wrong the pooch will be augered into the ground first.   The Jews and Palestinians are more alike than the Democrats and Republicans Smiley Happy