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BA Deere
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20 yrs ago George Lopez used to be a good one

...but the older he gets, this head got swelled, dang that Mexican has a big head.  Okay, Lopez made a bad "joke" about the president, some want the Secret Service to give him a proctologist test.  And the Libs coming to Lopez`s defense of course say "Pooor baby trumpsters can`t take a joke and go crying to mama'.  

Let`s take out of it that Lopez`s hatred got the better of him and made a bonehead "joke".   However, I don`t want to see Lopez on a holier than thou panel of elites waxing philosophical about "how polarized and divided the country is....and what so ever can we do about it? and how did we get to this point?".     Look it the damned mirror!!!  That`s how we got to this point! 

Comedian George Lopez was trending on Twitter late Sunday night after making a comment on the claims $80 million bounty placed on President Donald Trump’s head, which was made by the eulogist at the funeral procession for General Qassem Soleimani. The unnamed eulogist announced an $80 million bounty on President Donald Trump’s head on live state TV, according to Al Arabiya.

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Re: 20 yrs ago George Lopez used to be a good one

(Lopez used to be a good one)

Lopez said we'll assassinate the President of the US for $40 million - who's "we" that he was referring to?

Is he a good comedian? or is this his best material?

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Re: 20 yrs ago George Lopez used to be a good one

Mr. Lopez should get at least the same sentence as the SD man that was jailed for saying "it's time to burn the Bush" when Bush Jr. was coming to SD for a campaign stop.

BA Deere
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Re: 20 yrs ago George Lopez used to be a good one

Society really is over when it becomes "okay" to threaten an elected leader....oh some will point to "they said the same about Obama!!!" and that shouldn`t happen either, however a disgruntled hillbilly spouting off is one thing and a a household name star who should know better is another.  If a hillbilly had a Obama effigy in a noose or whatever, that actually helped Obama`s fans "See! Look at that ignorant hillbilly, that`s who doesn`t like Obama".    The mainstreaming of advocating a violent coup is kind of a 1st amendment "fire in the theater!"  no no.   But "It was a joke, I was just joking geesh the Rightwing can`t take a joke!" right?