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200 day moving averages

are getting close in SPX and NDX, a bit farther in the Dow, which is also a reminder of just how overstretched this market had become.


My guess is that some support will show up there, although my best guess is that we go below them by some fair amount before it is over.

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Re: 200 day moving averages

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Re: 200 day moving averages

He doesn't even know or understand the significance

This is a Jewell !!!

And the cartoon photo....and caption is priceless !!!

The epitome of the trump supporters !!!!

My hat is off to you Milligan !!

Good job ole chap !!!

Brovo !!!!

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Re: 200 day moving averages

Business advice from you people? No Thanks.

bruce MN

DJIa will need to go to 65,000 Under Trump

To equal the 300% of innaugaration day to leaving the WH  #’s under his predecessor.