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Senior Advisor

$2000 payments

whether they could somehow be presented in some fashion that helps the GA Sen candidates (more likely to get them tangled up) or would convince millions of Americans to join with the Lame Duck in overthrowing The Republic (ain't gonna happen) they would certiainly give the economy a boost in the first few months of the Biden term.

Couldn't locate it but quite recently saw a piece by Larry Summers saying that, given that 80% are doing very well to just fine, they might even overheat the economy.

I'm not real worried about that part. While it would have to reverse the course it has set for itself and endure some criticism, the Fed can stop that right quick should they so choose.

If Summers is implying that the Fed has penned itself into ultra-loose forever, then I suppose maybe we should be listening.

Whatacountry, where the Fed has regularly stepped in when the fiscal side has been inadequate but then runs all of its ammo out.