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Honored Advisor

2016 in a nut shell

So do you guys feel better now that you've gotten a piece of propaganda out there and both been able to comfort one another regarding your tribal affinity?   🙂


Thanks Nox.......

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Re: 2016 in a nut shell

Although in a world where it is, in fact, darn hard to tell who'd lying and why, it is fair to be guided by skepticism over whatever The Tribe is being fed.


They are the bunch that is big enough to move the needle and that needle is in fact being moved by somebody.

Senior Advisor

Re: 2016 in a nut shell

Like the twin towers being brought down with explosives.

Honored Advisor

Re: 2016 in a nut shell

Yes for sure,  It's possible that wikileaks and assange, etc etc may turn out to be a blessing in the ongoing struggle of "message control".  At some point there has to be a throttle on the manufacture of information.

In a country of free speach,  the fact that someone heard and reported what was said is the control for the quality of speach... the newer forms of communication need to see the light of day occasionally.

The very reason that an official will use Twitter for a form of communication does not bother me.  The unfiltered, unspun, and unrehearsed is refreshing. And displays a clearer picture of character, good or bad.