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Re: 2020.....ouch

Maybe the Socialists need defeated, destroyed, and purged from the face of the Earth. Hell cannot come soon enough for these b a s t a r d s.

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Re: 2020.....ouch

The Libs have "bet the farm on a pair of 2s" Also Known As  "Russia collusion" .   People that aren`t steeped in socialist politics don`t understand it and the Libs do a poor job of explaining it.   Libs spend too much time salivating over impeachment in their daily "Bombshell!" posts that they don`t even bother explaining the grounds that they achieve that goal.


Meanwhile President Trump keeps his eye on the prize, methodically keeping his campaign promises, I happen to think he`s doing a marvelous job, I really expected him to cave like every other politician I`ve put any faith in.  And I can`t help but to think most voters quietly feel the same....though I`m sure someone will dig up a 5:38 poll that will "prove" me wrong.


So let`s say November Republicans don`t lose the seats that are expected and let`s say it`s Trump again in 2020.   Then what do these "Bombshell!" post writers do?  All their effort was for naught, I suspect the psych wards will be overflowing with Shia LaBlouf imitators.   

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Re: 2020.....ouch

No brains to come up with anything but hate for America........Hope it works out for them.

Re: 2020.....ouch

Looking more and more likely. From experience, reactionary liberals don’t like being told that just because they are appalled by something that it doesn’t carry as much weight as their blood pressure would seem to indicate.


If there is a big (diverse in numerous ways) field vying for the Dem nomination all that will do is dump the contents of all of the baggage out on the table.  That happened in 1988 in spades. 


i’m generally viewed  by the members of my extended family as a guy who exhibits very little faith in essentially anything.  The one thing I do have extreme faith in is the ability of the Democrat Party to swing and miss at this cookie.



Re: 2020.....ouch

Could be.


But the most disliked major party candidate in the history of polling* won't have the luxury of running against the second most.


I'm of the opinion that almost anyone else would have beaten him, and will.


*now more so

a vast preponderance

of actual election results since 11/16 argues against that.


But hey, I'm sure Townhall knows something I don't.

Re: 2020.....ouch

i’ve been tripping over a few mentions of an obscurity rising.  Sort of an out of the woodwork, aka Carter and Obama.  No deep ties to the party politburo.


I’d give (by now essentially useless) left one to see Dylan Ratigan on the campaign/debate stage.  His most recent contribution to the public dialogue was telling an interviewer that while he hadn’t voted, had he chosen to given the options he’d likely have voted for Trump. Another that comes up casually is former Bush advisor Steve Schmidt. Michelle Goldberg? No pundit has been better through this so far.

Re: 2020.....ouch

it’s great spin, but the Dems for impeachment bit is a right-wing talking point.  No Democrat pol that could actually make something like that get addressed is talking about it.  Maybe a few untouchable incumbents in safe, safe House Districts.  



Re: 2020.....ouch

Don't know that there's any single individual who is necessary to success.


Ideally I'd like to see someone who's viewed as relatively moderate and benign but the caucus and platform having been pushed leftward by Sanders and Co.