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Approximately 14M Americans will have passed away since 2020.  Assuming they voted at 70% and 70% R, that’s about 3M net votes.

20M will have come of voting age. Assuming they vote at 30% and 70% D, that’s about 2M net votes.

Despite the astonishing success of the Trump campaign in scouring every single trailer park across the land, the math is brutal.

Republicans have won the popular vote for President once in the last 8 elections.

No question but that the GQP has to change the rules.

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Re: 2024

Voting turnout of under 35s is consistent with recent decades.

While there was a notable increase in activism, the hoped for increase in voting participation only presented marginally. 

If it ever does it is game over.

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Re: 2024

On the generational thing, the revered WWII gen is functionally extinct.

There’s nothing particularly admirable about the contribution of either the Silent or early Boomer cohorts who are exiting.

So save the honorifics on that.

BA Deere
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Re: 2024

Nothin gonna stop you now.

It's sharks with frickin laser beams on their heads for Christ's sake! - Dr  Evil Austin Powers | Make a Meme