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Veteran Advisor

25th amendment

Something is wrong....the president

Is showing his hate...his talk is now

Fallowing that used by the nazi

Movement in Germany....and now

Onto white supremacists...

We keep hearing talk of impeachment... The truth is...

By his actions....what he says,

What he does....he is unable

To function as president...he

Is fixed on the idea that is is

Aways right...doesnt care everyone

Is wrong, and calls the names, has

Temper tantrums....and how many

Department heads have left...or

Quit.... because they are unable

To work for the man....

Tell me....are these things of

A sane man, a person in their

70's...and in a leadership role ?

Does your dad or grandpa act like

This ?


I think we all know the answer


I feel sorry for the man.

He needs help.

It is very simple...would you say

Or do the things he does ?

Remember, actions are based

On "normal" or "average" people are a normal

Or average you find

Yourself using such languge...

Or ability to work with people

Or name calling.


It is sad to see someone, who did

Many suffer like




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Senior Advisor

Re: 25th amendment

I feel sorry for the people who live in Cummings's district.