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2nd amendment stop antifa terrorist

This is exactly what the founding fathers had in mind. The absolute right to self defense.


Left-wing protesters were chased off by armed residents in the Seattle suburbs … and it was glorious.

With their faces covered and their backpacks bulging with heaven-knows-what, a group of protesters were on their way to Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best’s Snohomish County home on Saturday when they were successfully stopped and chased away by a group of people who identified themselves as local residents. The protesters were then informed they were trespassing on a private road and that local law enforcement was on the way.

Two of the self-identified residents were armed.

Below is the video, and as you watch it, take note of a few things…

  • How all Antifa males sound like Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman.
  • How the protesters change their story from We’re here to protest peacefully to We’re just looking for a friend.
  • Why we should all drop to our knees and thank the Good Lord for the Second Amendment.

Jesse Pinkman:  “We are peaceful! You pointed a gun at my face!”

Resident: “That’s why you are peaceful.”


But back to these armed residents…

This is what these demonstraters met outside a city in one of the country’s bluest states… I find that heartening. If that’s what happens outside Seattle, imagine the perfectly legal show of force they can expect outside of a Charlotte or a Milwaukee or a Detroit, or any southern or Midwest or blue-collar area.

July not only saw the seventh record month in a row of our fellow citizens arming themselves, but the Washington Free Beacon reports, “FBI background checks indicate 2020 has now seen at least 10 million guns sold—many to first-time buyers and minorities.”

“First-time buyers.” Hell, yes.

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Senior Contributor

Re: 2nd amendment stop antifa terrorist

Hopefully they won't get the treatment the couple in st Louis did.

Danged local media

A search of the local reporting on the protest doesn’t show one use of your new favorite buzzword. Upper or lower case. 


Senior Contributor

Re: Danged local media

This will not end until the lawful citizens start pulling the trigger. You give the scum a inch and they expect a mile....