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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: #3 probably seals it

I`m not impressed with the Dems at all...of course not morally, but even on this strategic play.  They are squandering all these resources that they have and instead of changing one heart or mind, they have rather turned people off.   Oh I know they have their "polls"....but you know, Republicans are leading among those that don`t answer polls!


Just think about it, the Dems opposition to Kavanaugh isn`t about disagreements on judicial matters, it isn`t about him having a "upskirt cam" 2 yrs they had to go back 35yrs, no witnesses, no evidence, no police reports, no credible stories, just 3 bimbos with goofy stories of "gang rapes" apparently happening every weekend and Kavanaugh allegedly standing in line.  If you`re a girl would you attend 10 gang rape parties?


Kavanaugh has to be the cleanest nominee ever, if this is all they can concoct against him.  But let`s say Flake and Collins jump ship and we`re back to the drawing board and the Dems get a "scalp". ….and there`s a "blue wave", well there`s still time to put up a lady judge and get her confirmed before January.   


In a way, the Dems would probably be better off if they let Kavanaugh through with minimal "Maxine Waters" protest and have that goodwill for when they take control in 2020 or sooner.

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Re: #3 probably seals it

20, you shouldn’t call the Senate leader the head of a satanic cult!!! Mcconnell kept Obama’s choice from even getting a hearing! Don’t even try to say this was anything other than political!