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30, BA teal...while you were obsessing...

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in what world is this good news

that all those people were added to medicaid. the complete failure of progressive philosophy, of central control of the economy, that all those people are so impoverished that they can't afford a doctors visit.   a partisan victory is celebrated over what should bring shame.

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Well we got hoodwinked again.

Smiley Sad      Seriously looking at it politically, Bergdahlgate is going to be the gift that keeps giving, before this is all over there is a 49% chance that we can impeach Obama over this (if one of the 5 releasees goes nuts and kills Americans, then a 51% Obama would get impeached) at the very least Obama is very discredited over this.  Also if Obama is raked over the coals the last 2 years there will be less chances for him to do stuff to us.


To be honest we are stuck with Obamacare, people hate it, but "stare decisis" they screwed up and to back up would be worse than going forward.  No politician will lose an election saying they`re "going to repeal Obamacare" but they need the white house to do that and by January 2017 the concrete will have set.  Mitt Romney was the last plane out of Saigon on truly getting rid of Obamacare.


Like I`ve been cryptically warning you folks about bad things coming to healthcare, here is one tid bit recently made public...lot more to come.  


How this "small" occurance affects you?   Well, transciptions are sent to wrong places in vilotion of Hipaa.  Hospitals are scrambling to cut costs for the lean times ahead and believe it or not there never was much "fat" to cut.

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Re: Well we got hoodwinked again.

LOL, you just made my day and it isn't even 6AM yet! You guys are totally nucking futs!!!