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$30/head losses

on hogs, my quick calc looking at the futures out through June '20.


Almost nobody owns hogs any more but a lot of people have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in debt on contract buildings with the assumption that the whole ponzi* works.


If it isn't your problem, in fact your opportunity if you don't and your neighbor does, I get it.


Still, a problem.


*getting somebody else to put up equity so you can raise hogs is still a contingent liability. But an easier one to shed through bankruptcy.


I do see the greater risk here to the export oriented livestock "industry" and maybe you see it as a good thing if the Mexicans who kill the hogs go home, or something. Still would be a huge disruption with huge knock on consequences, far beyond the immediate and obvious.



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Re: $30/head losses

BTW, Terry, Mitch, other pols who worked hard to create a friendly environment for the integrated livestock "industries" for "rural development" will be countin' their cash somewhere else if this whole thing goes south.

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Re: $30/head losses

That big government with all of it's big programs worked out real good didn't it. Now you want government to have a 100% monopoly on health care. And the funny part is you think it will turn out differently.

Re: $30/head losses

Not your fault.