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3020, been by the courthouse?

Say that gay couples are lined up outside the Marion County Clerk's office after the Federal Judge overturned Indiana's gay marriage ban this afternoon.


I'm sure it is just part of the game to make things complicated as the AG is likely to get a temporary stay.

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Re: 3020, been by the courthouse?

Utah, too. I'll pass on the obvious quip. Sure many won't.

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A near Trifecta !

And it's only Wednesday !    Smiley Happy


LOUISIANA: Judge Surprises By Deciding To Consider Full Marriage Equality As Well As Out-Of-State Recognition


Yep, Judge Feldman,  just like  Judge Friedman in Michigan.
Two women came before him just to make the State accept second parent adoption. Judge Friedman said, "No, the reason for the States refusal is because they will not let you legally marry. So bring me that case"
And we all know how he ruled, he STRUCK IT DOWN, the Michigan BAN through a Constitutional Amendment the Ban on Same Gender Civil Marriage.
This Judge is taking the exact same tactic : " Bring me the WHOLE case.."


And both Reagan are appointees Smiley Happy