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3020 your lightbulb "dilemma" might get "solved" by the republican that created it

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@schnurrbart wrote:

What exactly are you NOT free to do??  I live in the same country that you do and no one has told me that I can't do anything that is legal.  Of course, I can't go rob a bank or shoot some jerk because I don't his politics.  Everything I want to do, I can.  I'm free to go anywhere I wish.  Have a drink in my home or in a restaurant.  Go to a girly bar if I want (which I don't) or any other legal thing.  So just what is it that you don't have the freedom to do??

Buy an incandescent light bulb. Eat trans fat in San Francisco. Drive 2 blocks from one parts store to another without a seatbelt.


  We see where you got your false lightbulb drama from, the normal sources of info, or your drug addict "heroes" Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. But, look at who co-sponsored the legislation.



The third competitor is Michigan's Fred Upton, a conservative Republican, but a relative moderate by 2010 standards. He's facing far-right attacks this week over, of all things, light bulbs.

Hoping to counter attacks from his right, Rep. Fred Upton is promising to reexamine a controversial ban on incandescent light bulbs if he becomes chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

The Michigan Republican told POLITICO on Thursday that he's not afraid to go back after an issue he once supported but that has come under withering assault on the conservative airwaves, including on Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck's talk shows.

"If I become chairman, we'll be reexamining the light bulb issue, no problem," Upton said.

Upton's bid to be the next Energy and Commerce Committee leader has been rocked by allegations that he's too moderate for the post.

Beck called him "all socialist" for cosponsoring legislation phasing out incandescent light bulbs that made it into a 2007 energy law signed by President George W. Bush. An unsigned 22-page document highlighting Upton's voting record on a range of fiscal, social and policy has also been circulating around Capitol Hill this month.

Just so we're clear, one of the central issues for Republicans in the 21st century, when picking a lawmaker to chair a committee dealing with energy, is protection for a 19th-century-style light bulb.

For the record, Upton did some admirable work on this in 2007, putting in place a phase-out of the energy-inefficient incandescent bulbs. The provision was approved with bipartisan support, and the larger legislation was easily passed and signed by President Bush.




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Re: 3020 your lightbulb "dilemma" might get "solved" by the republican that crea

Bout time they got the message. Now get them the heck out of my truck and our kitchen.

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Re: 3020 your lightbulb "dilemma" might get "solved" by the republican that crea

I personally feel that my freedom is limited because I can no longer burn whale oil in my lamps. What right do they have to tell me I can't support the wholesale slaughter of whales for lamp oil? **bleep** lightbulbs ruined everything!


(PS - this is a little ironic poke, besides, LED lights are going to be the future anyway and we will all love them and save big bucks).

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Re: 3020 your lightbulb "dilemma" might get "solved" by the republican that created it

  LOL, I know what you mean, I like the way the "blame" has actually shifted to another political party and it's such a "travesty".


  Who would have thought that one of the biggest light bulb manufacturers actively lobbied for that law, and just two months ago shut their last light bulb plant in the U.S., so they could move the remainder of their manufacturing operations to China.


  You're right though about the L.E.D.s and how they are the future, and are getting widespread application now. They are slowly coming down in price and have done well with the lumens-to-watts ratios too. They are far better than a CFL and I predict will be widespread in about 5-7 years after the major manufacturers recoup the costs for switching their manufacturing to making CFLs. It's about time, the incandescent was such outdated technology but it was cheap and they needed something with bigger profit margins.

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Re: 3020 your lightbulb "dilemma" might get "solved" by the republican that crea

Yeah Tom, I work at an ag museum and we were looking at having to replace one of our track lighting systems where we use 50 watt incandescent bulbs. I could have gone with any type of bulb in the new fixtures. I think I went from only about 9 fixtures to 24. At 50 watts ea, that would have been a lot of electric used and a lot of heat created - both costing the tax payers a lot of money on a daily basis 363 days a year. I looked into LED and had a vendor bring out me sample lights. I was impressed with their light, quality of light and energy/heat efficiency. These new bulbs will be a 50W equivalent at only 9W ea. To boot, each bulb is rated to last 5,000 hours each. They cost about double the price of the incandescent, but they will last 15 times as long.


Change is hard to take when you are misinformed and don't know what technology is out there. These LEDs are the future for sure.

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Re: 3020 your lightbulb "dilemma" might get "solved" by the republican that crea

That's great, guys, but the way things are going the Republicans will send them to China to be made too!