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Senior Contributor

Re: 3020

Of course Big Ag and Big Meat are already joined at the hip with ALEC and pretty much the entire rogues' gallery of corporate front groups.

They face a looming crisis of existential proportions, though. The number of family farmers is down to where you can count 'm on your fingers and toes so they won't have anybody to dress up in overalls and regale Congress with tales of their mournful sorrows


Senior Contributor

Re: 3020

On EVs, depends highly on the generation mix.

But I guess they would slow the collapsing demand for high cost coal power and save those pore miners.

On Chinese theft of intellectual property, yes. Although we've already blown up our best chances to influence that behavior.

I took a modest hit on a good theme gone bad- AMSC, which had developed the best controlling device for wind turbines but made the mistake of "partnering" with a Chinese company.




Re: 3020

You won’t be, in a sense, when the permafrost is gone.