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33% of Americans believe that Epstein committed suicide

Interesting on its own. Although I'm sure the various theories skew in all directions.

BTW, where's Ghislaine?

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rule of law

Just a sign of how poisoned the public has become when the law is used for political purposes.   Hillary was let off on an obvious crime and the fbi bent over to make it happen, no one held to account.   The doj attempts to alter an election, no one held to account.   Epstein, obviously bumped, nothing will come of it.   And the poison spreads.   Heard on the news the other day about some politically connected guy (I forget who it was) accused of being a paedophile, and they had all these piles of evidence on the guy.   The quantity of damnable evidence was so over the top that the first thing I thought was that it was probably contrived by law enforcement to frame the guy.   Just like no one believes Epstein committed suicide.   the public's of perception of how justice is applied becomes poisoned.

On the road to being a banana republic.

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Re: rule of law

I agree Sam.  We don`t have "Walter Cronkite" to take his glasses off, furl his brow and look in the camera and tell it like it is.  There`s apps for all kinds of "truth" these days, Flat earth? there`s a app for that. 

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Re: rule of law

Yes, and I suppose among the 66% half believe that Hillary killed him and half that Trump did.

I'm sort of among the other 33%- there isn't a lot of difference between killing him and creating an opportunity for him to do it. Whatever all he was into, he had to know that was one possible destination.

The thing that makes it hard to believe is the curious drip drip and spin of information, although that's not unusual in a hypernormalisation world. As long as the majority doesn't know whether to #### or go blind you can get away with anything.

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Re: rule of law

Most of us in the truther community have known about Jeffery Epstein for over 10 years now, we`d say "Clintons, Epstein, island ect"   Schurrbart (remember him? etal) would say "prove it! prove it!".  Now when we miraculously get a anti-globalist president, the truth comes out about Epstein, because there was a 20yr old picture of real estate developer Trump shaking his under the bus goes Epstein along with Prince Phillip, George Stephanoplos and Democrat Bill Richardson and Bill (who?) Clinton.  All acceptable pawns to sacrifice to take down a anti-globalist president.

I guess my question to those of you in the "Epstein was murdered in prison" club, why was this imminently toxic individual ever allowed to make it to jail awaiting trial?  If you`re going to suicide someone, it should`ve been done 2 years ago when the story would`ve been a blurb on page 6.  Too many individuals would have to be in on a prison hit, too many sitting in bars blabbing. 

But it`s an event that sets the table for whatever narrative that you want to push from any side.    

Let`s say Epstein went to trial and whatever story the pediphile told under oath would be denied by Prince Philip or whoever.  Each tribe would see what they want to see in the ink blots.  I know Epstein on the witness stand, there`s be plenty of "Bombshell!" posts written on here in hopes of tying the anti-globalist president to the pediphile...well same as now, minus a few "Bombshells!"   Smiley Happy


Re: rule of law

I won't try to match you in the incoherent rants department.

I too have long been fascinated by the case.

Cutting to the chase in the present moment, the 100% tell on it, for anyone who isn't willfully deaf, dumb and blind, was when Dershowitz popped up in the Trump camp.

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Re: rule of law

The New York Times and CNN are no longer interested tells you all you need to know.