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4 year old lost

This is what happens when you pimp children for votes.



The Obama Administration has lost track of an illegal immigrant girl. The four-year-old girl is just one of thousands who have been taken into custody by border patrol agents.

Gladys Lopez says she was able to speak with her daughter, Eliana, briefly over the phone after she was taken into custody. Lopez hasn’t heard from the girl or immigration authorities since.

Lopez says the girl was smuggled from Honduras to the U.S. along with her 17-year-old sister and niece. Little Eliana and the others were taken into ICE custody in Brownsville on june 18th. Lopez got a phone call later that day from immigration. It was the last time she heard from the girl or immigration officials.

An immigrant rights group is now working with Lopez to find her daughter.

“Unfortunately its common for ICE to transfer people and not let people know. So unfortunately she could be as far away as New York, where one of the child detention centers are,” says immigrant advocate Cesar Espinosa.