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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

$5 for the book on how Biden and Bama got Bin Ladin.....

Anyone got a link on the latest on how GM is doing?


Have we had a pair that inspires so much respect from the military as these two clowns? They don't have business leaders behind them, they don't have the military backing them, they lack any respect from the churches in America.....I guess the America they represent is not the America I recognize.


And for the DNC, the highlight is the speech of the disgraced William Clinton, who wags that infamous finger and the faithful are supposed to get all silly?


I would be embarrassed to be a democrat right now.

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Veteran Advisor

Re: $5 for the book on how Biden and Bama got Bin Ladin.....

Which two clowns are you trying to talk about?  I looked the link you posted and the only clown I saw mentioned was the disloyal former  SEAL who violated several things that he signed and was bound to not disclose.  He disobeyed direct orders and disclosed things that were not supposed to be disclosed and potentially put his former comrades in jeopardy.  But as a rambo republican, you condone such treasonous actions so it doesn't surprise me.  BTW neither Biden nor Obama have anything directly to do with the investigation of this guy by the Pentagon.