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Senior Advisor

$50/hr minimum wage

Payable if you work or not. This guy is going to be winning some elections.



Inside the measure the D.C. Council passed to raise the district’s minimum wage to $15 an hour was an amendment to have a study the possibility of having government provide a basic income to D.C. residents.

“Raising the minimum wage is a good thing, but is $15 enough? Or should the number be $35 or $50 an hour?" Councilman David Grosso (I-At-Large) said during Tuesday night's meeting.

D.C. Council member David Grosso explains the need for a study into a minimum income system for the district.

“In order to comprehensively address the need of our residents we should consider all avenues, to include transferring away from the traditional welfare system into a minimum income system,” said Grosso.

“A minimum income system is an alternative social welfare provision with the basic idea of providing a floor of income upon which residents can build other sources of revenue.”