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Red Steele
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$52 per hour vs $29

just read in a magazine that a foreign automaker opened a new plant , non-unionzed, in America, and the workers will make about $29 per hour. I think this includes benefits.


The article also reported that the so-called "big three" domestic auto makers pay their employees an average of $52 per hour. with 2080 hours in an FTE year, this would be $108160 per year. Is this enough? 


Also. heard on the radio that a local hospital was advertising for RN nurses. Starting pay....yuppers, $29 per hour. THis is for educated professional workers, about $60,000 per year.


So, is Volkswagon ( I think that was the foreign auto maker referenced in the article) shafting those new workers, or what? Remember that the Zero stepped in to guarantee the unfunded debts of GM to ensure happy autoworkers unions (translation.....union votes).

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Re: $52 per hour vs $29

Then I guess you will be buying your VW for about $15K less than that new ford.  Yippee!


I bought my new Ontario built Lincoln and didn't get much discount. Maybe all furriners aren't the same.


Why are you troubled that some auto worker makes more than you think he should? is it money out of your pocket? Don't buy a car from them.  It never entered my mind to campaign to have your income lowered. Why are you so obsessed with lowering theirs. Don't like them much , Hunh?

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Re: $52 per hour vs $29

In other industries, petroleum workers were paid an average of $50.29 per hour in 2009 and aerospace workers received wages and benefits worth $38.55 an hour.

A Bureau of Labor Statistics study showed auto workers received average compensation -- wages and benefits -- of $36.98 per hour in 2009, down from $39.68 the previous year. That compares with an average of $24.92 per hour that workers in other production jobs received in 2009.

Also;  From The Detroit News:$8-an...

Ford, on a website it posted last month, said it pays about $58 an hour in wages and benefits to its 40,600 U.S. hourly workers, $3 more than the automaker said last year. Labor costs average $50 an hour at the U.S. plants of international automakers such as Japan's Toyota Motor Corp. and South Korea's Hyundai, according to Ford.


So, your statement of $29 must include benefits also.  $8 is a lot of difference but is far less than the $23 you quoted.

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Re: $52 per hour vs $29

His words did not sound troubled to me. I think you are  reading things in like always.