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Veteran Advisor

534 million dollars not enough

Well here in KS, were back in court, yes the
School districts are suing the people of
Ks (ah, the school pratrons are the people
Of ks)...pretty good isn't it, rather than live
Within their budget, we'll sue the tax payers
For more money !!!!

How much of all this money for security and safety
Money ? so far
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Veteran Advisor

Re: 534 million dollars not enough

According to 2013 data (easy to get)

489,043 students
1351 schools
321 districts

That figures out to $ 1,091 per student
((This is above local school taxes))

If we are serious about protecting the kids,
$200,000 in security equipment

$270 million

My God, I figured it keep the kids safe,
Just sue for the money !

I ask this a one time charge of $530
Per student too high of a cost....vs close to
$2,000,000 per student if something happens ?

Ok folks time to slice the cheese

A. One time $530 per student
B. Or are 135 kids lives expendable

Easy choice

Which way do you vote ?