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538 This Morning

Wow. By the pollsters on 538, it's pretty easy this morning who won the debate. It might be over for Trump, he might have finally shown himself for what he is once he was forced out from behind the TelePrompTer.

Even Florida, just a few days ago solidly in Trumps favor, may be lost for the Republicans. My neighbor owns some rental houses, and one of his renters has turned the yard into a Trump Yard Sign paradise. Since there aren't any yard signs around Cannon Falls for Trump or Secretary Clinton, this place really stands out. My neighbor is ticked....afraid someone might go to destroy the signs, and get his house in the process. He was never asked, and technically it's illegal for him to put the signs up. My neighbor was going to have a "little talk" with the guy. He's so a bit concerned though, because the guy has a problem with alcohol, and he might go off if told his shrine has to come down.

As far as Dems not voting, I wouldn't count on that happening. We will see record turn out here in MN this year. America is Dumping Trump. It's about time....

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Re: 538 This Morning

I see anti trump pieces in CNN, huffy, Time, etc.....this morning. He must be winning.