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Yeah, probably so

It would have been appreciated if you would have acknowledged that I said right at the beginning that I wasn't defending anyone.


And I do agree with all that you say in response, other than the OWS bit. OWS will be left pretty much alone to fill up 45 seconds of every 5:30 network news show until they get to where you  say that  youwould like to see them go. If  it begins to look like the movement is getting somewhere on financial crimes OWS will get the same treatment Hoover gave the WW 1 vets who had taken up occupying the National Mall.


While modestly unrelated, Johnaa's post re sanctions on Iran and the 100-0 vote that was held does bring a person back to the reality that was Sen. Durbin's comment back in '09.  "The banks own this place."


The banks and their shareholders, bondholders and major clients are going to decide how they want to be regulated. Thinking that Congress or any President or AG can or will do anything about that is pi##ing up a rope.


Obama is still at the approval ratings he is at, low as they are, only because some people hold out hope that he might do what they naively thought he might be able to do.


His failed Presidency will likely mark the end of American particpatory civic life. The political  opposition doesn't believe in it, actually. The ultimate victors like and prefer technocrats running everything, as is being propossed by the Huns for the Mediterannian nations in  the Eurozone.



Re: Yeah, probably so....P.S. dag

It's sorta disheartening for me after who knows how many years of being on this forum with you to finally see you become impassioned about something. After the crooked wars and the onset of comic book characters running for Republican Presidential nominations and you being the resident moderator and facilitator who'd always be here to remind us that,essentially, there are two sides to every story and to most dependably chronicle the Democrats for us who "did it too!:" now you seem to be really in to something that has less than a snowballs chance in hell of being fixed, changed or redeemed.