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60 minutes

Watched 60 minutes story on facebook rather interesing.   It proves that people who put information, pictures of family much more  have got to be a little dumb. There are people who are screaming about loosing liberties yet put up personal info on facebook. how stupid  We learn more and more how dangerous the web is becoming. and tool for illegal activities.   We learned there are web sites  idenifing individual from photos taken off  these wonderfull smart phones gaining info .  These smart phones according sourse are more easily hack into than older phones. I don't know   Bank on line, medical records on line, pay bills on line .but its all SAFE!!!!    All this has to be" monitored" by individual some where along the line.    One punch of a key and all just disappears.

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Re: 60 minutes

Yes, there`s a human factor that`s the weak link.  I`m not as worried about the NSA snooping as I am with the waitress that I hand my credit card to and she dissappears for 5 minutes before returning with it.  Knock on wood i`ve never had a problem but you hear nightmares.  With the Facebook stuff, I`m not on it but as I understand you can limit who sees what, still i wouldn`t be putting up naughty pictures or announcing that we`d be leaving for a 3 week vacation or anything. Anything can be hacked, just the damned world we live in.

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Re: 60 minutes

I believe that any info you conduct on a smart phone can be intercepted. I would use a real computer instead to pay bills, make orders, etc. I can't afford one of those contraptions anyway - a regular cell phone costs enough for me. I know places my wife has done business with have been hacked and we will see a credit card bill from some place in Florida where they are trying to charge a big sum. Sometimes the credit card mgt. companies catch this and ask if you authorized the purchase. It is a technology war for sure and the criminals are always looking for weakness in the armor.

Re: 60 minutes

  I agree everyone needs to take a great deal of care to protect our families and friends by protecting their and one's own privacy, all the laws and cops can do is after the fact.  I wish I understood how to shield my individual sovereignty. 

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Re: 60 minutes

We don't put much personal stuff on facebook except pix. Our address and phone numbers are never put on it. Now we did post a lot of things about our travelslast year but not too worried about that. We live in a gated community--which I know that doesn't keep anyone out who wants in--and our neighborswere home and kept watch on the neighbor hood.also,we live in a cul-de-sac which makes people driving by stand out.

On a different note, last weekend I attended an Army Security Agency in Mesa, AZ. A bunch of old farts who spent most of the military careers snooping on radios and such. Of course, the subject of the NSA came up--the NSA was our boss for tasking and where all the reports went. Our guest speaker was a retired Col. and former NSA employee who nows heads the organization working on getting the military all on the same secure network world wide. Not there yet but getting close. On a side note, we got into securing personal data. I'm sure you have all heard of RFID and it's uses. I know those of you who raise cattle have heard of with the RFID ear tags. Well, you should get out your debit and credit cards and look at the back. If you see something that looks somewhat like this ))))) on the back, that means that card has an RFID built into it so you can pay for thiings by just waving it in front of a reader. You have it in a wallet next to your butt. All I have to do is have a reader under my coat and walk up behind you, beside you, or in front of you and I have stolen all you banking info! I never have to touch you, talk to you or rob you physically. Know how to beat it? I do and for $50 I will tell you. Just kidding. Just quit calling me stupid! Go to walmart or order online some little credit card sleeves that are lined with a very thin sheet of copper and put your credit cards that have that symbol on the back in one and that will stop the reader from stealing your info. The Col. said they cost about .18 cents each but you may have to buy several to get that price. He gave a bunch out at the reunion so I haven't priced them.