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Re: 62-38

(KS Abortion Vote  62-38)

Since same post as NQX', I'll post the same reply for you bruceQ:

Hey, hypocrats are passionate when it comes to killin the unborn baby heartbeats.  I admire you hypocrats passion for these killins - but sure wish you hypocrats were just as passionate, or even a 1/10th as passionate, on inflation, the Southern border fentanyl & human smuggling expressway, supply chain, crime, baby formula, etc. etc. etc. etc.,.....but I guess hypocrats can't kill & chew gum at the same time.

Re: 62-38…speaking of……

…… your mentioned poster he posted a number much more significant than these digits.

47% turn out. In an off year primary.

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Re: 62-38…speaking of……

Ironic, Bruce, with the amount of hate directed by you at the scotus decision that you're now bragging about a direct effect of the decision

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Re: 62-38…speaking of……

So, SammyQ, I assume that means if your cult once again loses an election out of sheer incompetence and malevolence you'll once again feel compelled to coup?

The irony

On the day of this vote, Vin Scully passes.

”I don’t believe what I just saw!”

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Re: The irony

What was even more remarkable about the Kansas vote, was a deliberate attempt by Republican Bàstàrds to add very confusing language - a yes vote was not “pro-abortion”, it was a vote to end abortion in the state.   But it went farther.   Kansas Republican Bàstàrds described a “No” vote as:  a no vote rejects the constitutional change to end abortion rights.

Very tightly worded to confuse those not totally engaged in the discussion.    Typical Republican Bàstàrd tactics of up is down Bull Shît.

I have to wonder what the “real” vote may have been, if not for Republicans fûcking again with the balloting.

Lying Cheating Fûckéd Up Terroristic Cult Loving Con Artist Republican Bàstàrds