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bruce MN


Don't feel that Donald Trump is qualified to serve as President.


He's going to need to have a really good convention., if for nothing other than to shore up the down ballot.


Won't be able to complain about media coverage. He and RNC will control the cameras.



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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: 64%??

And 57% don`t feel Hillary is trustworthy, but she promises to keep the free candy train coming so for many it`s inconsequential.  Funny thing is Donald Trump isn`t exactly going to stop any free candy trains either, but the free candy crowd sure don`t like him????


Trump could win this thing and if he does, will that mean a new era in polling, beause Trump has defied the polls and the odds and experts have egg on their faces. NPR talked to a major pollester that was very wrong on trump and he said that all the old rules don`t appliy to Trump.  I think we are just in a different time now, in the past just a couple years ago,  Trump wouldn`t have done any better than "Jim Gilmore"...things are different now, many of us actually hear the actual Zulus right over the hill.


One pundit said if this election is about "change" Hillary loses, if it`s about fear of the unknown and grasping to the what they`ve been used to then Hillary wins...Hillary can`t win a "change election".  And if that is the case, perhaps not wanting to look "uncool" do people fudge the truth a little to pollsters?  I think so, even I don`t have a Trump sign or Trump bumper sticker, but I sure the hell will vote for him.

bruce MN

Re: 64%??

I didn't say that I thought it meant a defeat for Trump.  He can win if the Dem message doesn't admit to some degree that there is a need for change from the same sort of blind elitism that doomed GB and, almost laughingly, is generating the same sort of elitism driven response from the other EU sitting leaders. That's the single weirdest and astonishing thing about the Brexit result.  The EU is full of little Camerons.


The entrenched economic eties have no idea, or are good at rationalizing away any realization that they may have, of just what it is that the Brexit voters, the Trump supporters and the Sanders supporters are complaining about. They presume it is all just about xenophobia and nativism and overlook the more legitimate issues.


The sad part of it is that the people in the various movements who are activists for the right reasons aren't doing much to speak out against the crude and hateful characters who have co-opted them. Hate to say it, but the best shot we have at this time for a half azzed orderly path to things getting any better for the 99 or 85 or whatever % is for the Clinton campaign and the Democratic leadership to take up some of the better pieces from those various movements and run with them.  The vulgarity and hideousness of Trumpism offers up that opportunity through, ironically, offering proof of resonance.

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Re: 64%??

Here's another poll Bruce. Take em all with a grain of salt. The polls also said the UK would remain with the EU.



A new poll of San Diego, California residents finds the vast majority would support a massive tax hike to deport illegal aliens.

The survey, conducted by KGTV and the San Diego Union-Tribune, reveals 61% of respondents would pay an additional $4,000 per taxpayer “to deport America’s illegal immigrants.”

Just 29% said they would not.

The poll also found 54% believe “people who have entered the United States without proper documentation” should be deported, while 34% say they should be allowed to stay.

When it comes to presidential candidates, a plurality believe Donald Trump has the “better approach” to immigration.

According to the poll, 47% side with Trump’s proposals, while 37% support Hillary Clinton.

Breaking the results down by race, blacks and Hispanics are supporting Trump’s proposals in bigger numbers than whites.



On the same question, the poll finds 53% of blacks and 50% of Hispanics side with Trump, compared to 31% and 30% respectively for Clinton. Trump’s advantage is slightly narrower among whites, 47% to 40%.

The survey finds most disagree with President Obama’s approach — 50% to 36% supporting his policies.

The poll was of San Diego County residents and has a margin of error of 4.8%.

Politically, San Diego County is not a conservative one.

President Obama won it in 2012 over Mitt Romney, 52.6% to 45%.

bruce MN

Re: 64%??

Poll of San Diego residents?  Ever been there? Been a few times and know a number of folks who live there.


Crazy place...the economy runs almost exclusively on entities and individuals living on the highest levels of government largesse, yet is a bastion of the worst orders of cultural conservatism.


Shocked, actually, that the number is so low.