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7 years in coming

They vote this evening.



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Re: 7 years in coming

I predict it will pass, contrary to to the prognostications that it is going to fail.  All a scheme of throwing people off the scent , as well , it can then be claimed as a victory by Agent Orange and his great deal making ability.  In reality , it was always going to pass.

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Re: 7 years in coming

Well, didn`t they already vote to repeal dozens of times and it passed only to be squashed in the Dem senate or vetoed by the enchanted one?   It sounds like there`s 3 sticking points that the "freedom caucus" or whatever they call themselves is having trouble with.  Ryan has said that the senate will clean that up and it`ll all be good.

Re: 7 years in coming

That would move the monkey over on to the backs of more than just a couple of GOP Senators who won't be pleased about being put in that situation therefore even furthering party disunion.


Biggest un- or undereported story in all of this is the Koch's and their PACs and cronies threatening to withhold millions in support from House members who vote Yes. They are on the Freedom Caucus side and don't want it to pass because they feel it doesn't go far enough. 

Re: 7 years in coming

all subterfuge.


1. The senate will gut the "EHB" rule.......... a sticking point.

2. Chair of freedom caucus is optimistic about the deal.

3. Obama urged the GOP to not do it. This one alone will seal the deal.

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Re: 7 years in coming

And this bill will then allow Americans to "pay a fraction" of what they were paying before, and we all are going to be "very, very happy" about what the new program is going to look like?  Right?  Right....I just bet we will....


"Pay a fraction" for better care - that's what we were promised.  Anything else, and I will be on here everyday, just like you Republicans are with, "and you can keep your doctor" bull crap.  


Of course, like I said when he was campaigning, "a fraction" never was actually defined.  Much of how Trump does all of his "deals" with everyone.  


So, then it's left up to me, what I feel a "fraction of what you're paying now" actually is.  For me, if it's more that 20% of what I'm paying now, it violates the promise of what Trump was saying.


Tick Tock....