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7M votes, nearly 5% in the popular vote

yet the election came down to 70K votes in 3 states, almost identical to the opposite result in '16.

In that one Clinton won by around 3M and 2%- well within the margin where it is difficult for a Dem to win against the structural GQP advantage in the EC.

I'm not arguing that the current law isn't the law, just wondering about all the whiners whinin' about it being unfair that they don't get a snowflake trophy for 10th place.

Although '20 marked the point where it can all be said out loud. "Need to do something permanent now, because pretty soon even this game won't cut it."

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Re: 7M votes, nearly 5% in the popular vote

Republicans in general and after the IA Caucus... lol , dems can’t figure out how to run their simple caucus...


Republicans now.... dems ran a multi state voting scam , involving  stealing millions of votes through hacking , printing ballots , transporting ballots, blackmail and paying off gop officials , China, Venezuela and every other possible cohort and left no trail. 


sure, ooookaaaayy then...