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8-9 years of

Calling Obama every name in the book. 


That was fine, he told some lies. You didn’t see me carrying water for him (check my history for corroboration).


the mods pretty much let it all fly then.




2-3 years in on Trump and all of the sudden it’s deletions at every turn. Reminders of posting policy , etc.

And the righties are the ones howling about it.


grow a pair boys.




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Re: 8-9 years of

RG, there wasn`t the namecalling of Obama, that we see now of the current President "orange one, DrTumpt Dennison".   It`s gotten much worse with this POTUS..and it`s not just on here, you can hear worse on Saturday Night Live and other places that the Left goes for their "news".  If you just repeated a line from a SNL or CNN broadcast, you`d be breaking Ishmael`s rules. 


Meredith wants to clean it up on here, I can`t blame them, if you`re a reputable seed company would you want to advertise "here"? Conservatives and Liberals both buy seed or whatever.  If you clicked on "here" would you want to join in the conversation?  Unless you`re a bombthrower on either side, you probably be scared off.


I understand some on here like Sam, write a good piece and it becomes collateral damage when an entire thread is deleted, so they run risk of losing decent posters too.  But they do have to take baby steps in cleaning up Dodge...and that might mean banning me and that`s okay if they have to, I`m passionate about expressing how I feel about those that "break my arm and pick my pocket" and maybe that will no longer fly on here.

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Re: 8-9 years of

You can attack the president all you want. It is the personal attack on other posters that will get you deleted.


Re: 8-9 years of

"You can attack the president all you want. It is the personal attack on other posters that will get you deleted. "


Please reread the following.  Let's not apply such material to anyone or any idea.  You can disagree with a person or concept without violating the policy.



Please do not place any material on our service that could be considered offensive, indecent, abusive, hateful, harassing, libelous, or unlawful."