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9/11 as Government Blowback Day

m m

Some church in Florida is planning on celebrating 9/11 by burning hundreds of Korans. Perhaps this will be the launchpad for bonfires across the nation of any book suspected of Muslim tendencies.

There’s a different 9/11 celebration going on in San Diego. Lawrence Ludlow emailed me about “Government Blowback Day.” I don’t know if Lawrence and his friends are planning to burn copies of the 9/11 Commission Report.

From the press release:

San Diego Complete Liberty Declares Sept. 11th “Government Blowback Day”

– Wear a black arm-band on September 11; tell the world you didn’t swallow the Big Lie —

SAN DIEGO, CA – September 6, 2010 – The San Diego “Complete Liberty Meetup” group joins other voluntaryists, private-property anarchists, and libertarians by declaring September 11th a day of remembrance: Government Blowback Day. This September 11, nine years will have passed since the price of the U.S. government’s meddling foreign policy was paid by innocent people. Despite the passing of time, gullible people still believe the Big Lie that was cooked up in the Washington, D.C. “lie factory” – namely, that the terrorists “hate us for our freedom.” What freedom? The spy cameras? Phone and email surveillance? The high taxes? The Patriot Act? The paranoia? The promise of endless wars and new terrorists to come? We are tired of the nonsense. On September 11, the first Government Blowback Day will remind the lunatics in Washington, D.C. that some of us know the real reasons for the attacks. The terrorists made no secret about why they attacked: (1) U.S. government support for the apartheid state of Israel, (2) the presence of U.S. armed forces in Islamic holy places, and (3) the U.S. sanctions that killed over 500,000 children in Iraq as of 1995 (and continued until Dubya started his “war on terror” that will never end with Obama).

September 11 is a day to remember the real cause of terrorism: the president, the congress, and their foreign policy


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Re: 9/11 as Government Blowback Day


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Re: 9/11 as Government Blowback Day

  It cracks me up that the religious zealots don't even bother to think about if they are successful at eliminating or oppressing a different religion, that same power could be used to eliminate theirs.


  I remember that day quite well, and feel as though roughly 3000 of our fellow citizens paid the price that day for the actions and inactions of the political and economic elite. That was also the day I believe, that the "new cold war" began, with the invisible enemy that we can never see, hear, locate, or scream at, but they are everywhere and only certain politicians can see them, and always know what their next move is. A lot of the right wingers here had ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS with the fear induced and repressive reactions by the past administration,and went along lockstep and DEMONIZED ANY AND ALL OPPOSITION TO IT and NOW complain, ironically about Obama NOT reversing or undoing the various laws and policies. 

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Re: 9/11 as Government Blowback Day

Hi john,


The reaction to Rep Paul's comments on blowback in the first republican presidential debate was worth the price of the ticket on its own merit. It was a form of performance art- where the audience is actually the art but doesn't realize it.


Blowback was/is defintiely a fact- look at the USS Cole, Kenya bombngs etc.


But as far as the WTC attack goes I've grown tired of the intellectual dishonesty that we all engage in so as to not be treated like nuts.


Even with individuals who I don't know well when the subject of the attack comes up I've taken to saying, "you know, you really need to take a very close look at WTC 7."


I'm sure that the net result is between nil and negative but  at minimum I just don't see any reason to proceed one bit further in the discussion until that question is answered.


Best to you, h

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Re: 9/11 as Government Blowback Day

It makes me want to burn my bible. Anyone else? 

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Re: 9/11 as Government Blowback Day

not me it is the true word of god not a lie by a dead muslim

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Re: 9/11 as Government Blowback Day

hey tooless you forgot to mention that was the day peaceful muslims killed 3000 americans because they lived in a christian land and are still killing as we speak--there is only one good kind of muslim---want to guess what they look like and to think the more shells you give muslims the more dead muslims we see

Re: 9/11 as Government Blowback Day

Maybe you could sign up and go serve your nation in Afghanistan.

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Re: 9/11 as Government Blowback Day

I agree with you on the blow back and believe we will be hated by many Muslims as long as our government is doing Israel's bidding.  However the fact remains that there are many radical Muslims in the world that have some very troublesome and violent beliefs when they will stone women to death for adultery, kill young couples that date or marry against the wishes of others, lash women for exposing their faces in public, harshly punish people for listening to unapproved music and willing kill fellow Muslims be they man, women or children. 


So I agree our country needs to stop sticking its nose where it does not belong and meddling in the affairs of other countries but at the same time the Muslim world needs to take a hard look at itself and question if there are some in their midst as outdated and wrong as the Spanish Inquisition.  

bruce MN
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Re: 9/11 as Government Blowback Day

There are "some", even many, as there are "some", even many, radicals of any number of elements and sects and demographics etc. etc.


There are "some" excessively radical Christianists on this forum. There are "some" radical Zionists in high positions fo power and influence in thies country who essentially, for lack of a a better term, DICTATE our foreign and military policy. There are "some" radical anarchists (onm boththe left and right) in the world who believe that there would be less long term harm to the planet and to humanity if A:LL institurions were torn down.


We are simply coming off of a time when radical Chritianists have had a resurgence and are feeling their oats and have essentially taken on a litmus status in one of our political parties. Republican candidates and officials can't let a fart without first dipping the potential effects of it on the winger water. Without them they are a 15% party.


The most horrifying thing about all of this is knowing that there are good conservative people out there who for all sorts of very good reasons can't bring themselves to become Democrats, but who have to be cringing at seeing the face of our nation out in the world becoming Rev. Phelps, Pat Robertson, Franklin Grahm, Gen. Boykins,  this clown leading the book burning movement....and wishing that their elected Republican representatives would SAY SOMETHING. But if they were to, it would bring down the entire GOP house in a heartbeat, so they remain silent. It is, more than anybody will admit, a currently powerful but very fragile vessel.


The mosque, the Koran burners are prvoviding an amazingly effective diversion from people actually sitting down and asking each other what the heck can we do about a nation that has gotten behind in pursuit of it's long standing egalitarian ideals. All we hear about are these things, and the complaints of a segment who has thrived on the vapors of a 1990s and 2000s falsely inflated  bubble economy that, as Karl Denninger said so very prescisely the other day, "never really happened"


The GOP leadership knows that if they can retain power they get the steering wheel that will drive the plutocracy off with the bank. It's obviously worth it to them to stand by and allow the nation's historically greatest Republican leader's ."better angels of our nature"  to go jump. And let the proletariate and the underclass fight it out for the bits of what's left; of what can ultimately only lead to a feral existence for the lot of them.


There is more than policy at stake here....there is an ugliness about here like we've not seen since Reconstruction.