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9/11 references

All 4 candidates/running mates now have chimed in with some sort of personal standing regarding  their experiences and "feelings" about 9/11.


It is just too juicy of a piece of low hanging fruit for anybody to resist.


But FWIW, if and when you're again required to deal with something of the sort- here's the deal. The initial shock is the point where the hypnotist snaps his fingers and you probably have only a moment or so to fight off the trance before you go under for life.


Virtually all my life I've had to listen to endless recitations of where somebody was when JFK was shot, what happened, how they "felt". Bingo, you're getting sleepy.......


So last week we had a something like 98-1 Senate vote to permit the Real Housewives of New Jersey to try to collect more moolah for their victimhood. Who wants to be against that?


The problem is that they have already been compensated far more than any of the other victims of 9/11, which I'd submit includes the casualties of the wars that resulted.


In the cheap sympathy deparment (of which there's plenty to go around) Pence had to get one in about his relationship with a Gold Star mom who lost a son, and said that he died in vain if we don't finish the deal.


Must be talking about continuing the drone war because otherwise there will be a lot more Gold Star moms en route.


And he was a US Congressman throughout the period that encompassed those missteps. And a fervent supporter of all.

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Re: 9/11 references

Which leaves me to explain the convoluted rationale by which I'll vote for Clinton should there be any possibility that it will matter.


Clearly she is Deep State approved and I'm modestly convinced that El Donaldo is not, yet, but the trip out to the buckwheat patch that awaits him, should he actually win, will undoubtedly exceed any experience of his life to date.


On the other hand this morning you have Republicans sighing in relief with the belief that we'll actually be governed by a slightly less creepy version of Ted Cruz. And if Pence isn't a fully made Deep State man it is only because he's too crazy even for them, for now. But see comment above, should he actually be headed to the OO someday.


But the GOP is a festering hot mess, as evidenced by El Donaldo cutting through the 17 member Deep Bench like the Wehrmacht through Polish lance cavalry- just by doing a continuous Howard Stern free association rap.


And more than anything, his supporters scare me. Which leaves me with the semi-known quantity.



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Re: 9/11 references

Clinton is a known quantity. As you said, Deep State approved. The GOP has to, deep down, be rooting for her to win. Trump is a loose cannon who decimated the field of potential candidates.

Clinton barely held off a surging Sanders (not Deep State approved) to win by the skin of her teeth. The message is stale. Her election will be a continuation of the past administrations, including her husband's. Foreign policy will be the same it's been since Johnson for Pete's sake.

You can count me as a formerly reluctant Trump supporter. I'm not full in on the "God Emperor" who will most likely lose the election. It's fun seeing the globalist elites shimmy and jive and attempt to discredit someone who's had the audacity to challenge the staus quo on trade and even somewhat on foreign policy.

I just can't get myself to vote for her...I honestly want it to come crashing down. It needs to...this whole system is cancerous