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A 15%er

On "Meet The Press Daily," host Chuck Todd asked his panelists about their key takeaways from the previous evening’s primary elections in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Elrod declared any Democrat behind the Biden agenda "has a lot to run on" as well as "a lot to be proud of," especially when it comes to the economy.  There’s a lot to be proud and there’s a lot to talk about.]

Well, that explains why the bernie socialist fetterman was "busy" when disaster joe was visiting.

I don't know who this liberal elitist elrod nimrod is but she's definitely in the "Country's in the right direction" because we want the USA to be a 3rd world nation 15%; and everything is going swimmingly.  

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Re: A 15%er

This is exactly how elitist scumbags think and that is they think we're stupid and you have a state run media pushing the same narrative ....he's so popular no-one had him campaign for them same guy cant fill a closet full of supporters but he got 81 million votes

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Re: A 15%er-Is that your final answer?


Never interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying himself.

Attributed to Napoleon

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Re: A 15%er-Is that your final answer?

Biden is nailing down the Lesbian Black Identifying Female vote. Outside of that demographic, not so much.

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New @trafalgar_group/@COSProject poll (5/6-8) shows 57.6% of Americans believe abortion should either be illegal entirely or after a fetal heartbeat detected. Only 11.6% believe abortion should be legal at any point. #RoeVWade See Report:
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Re: A 15%er-Is that your final answer?

The new press secretary is a real joke, has to read without looking up from her script.   I`ll give Jen Psaki credit, she is a very convincing liar, could sell ice to the Eskimos.  And not bad to look at.



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Peppermint patti??????? Not bad to look at?

You know Marcy was the