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A Canadian response to a terrorist

Here is a response to the Canadian member of ISIS who called for other Muslims to become 'lone wolf' terrorists within Cananda.


Worth a read and look behind the lines too.




I was one of you.”


So you say, Abu Anwar al-Canadi or John Maguire, in your video warning, before calling on Muslims in Canada to sharpen their knives or prepare their explosive devices.


Then we shall respond as the polite Canadian. Sorry it didn’t work out, John. Sorry you grew up in the greatest country in the world, with one of the best standards of living, with free health care, with clean water and fresh air, with good schools, with the freedom to think and say almost anything, with economic opportunity, with the ability to worship any God, join any group, vote in regular elections, protest anything, and yet it was all wrong. Sorry it wasn’t enough.



Sorry if the article annoys some of you.



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Re: A Canadian response to a terrorist

Listen and learn Canuck-It's one of you-all talking

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Re: A Canadian response to a terrorist

You should have listened to Sinclair when he was alive.


He was one who always chose the radical opinion to stir others to discuss.


I am sure he did not always believe what he said but said things to stir others up.

You have to know the personality behind a commentator like Gordon Sinclair.


Listen to the video clip and you will note how even Gordon admitted he was often wrong and it is noted how 'he never let the truth get in the way of a story'