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bruce MN

Re: A Cold Spell

I know some of you guys aren’t 17 or 18 yrs old but I swear sometimes that you must not have been around in the last century.


Get a “warming” or “change” discussion and one of you will say “It’s just the weather!”.



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Re: A Cold Spell

I remember in probably January `83? we never got above 0 the whole month the radio man would say "28 below tonight and a high of -5 today" day after day for 30 or so days straight.  Thing is my family was more "Amish" back then, heating with totally wood, if the power went out break out the kerosine lamps and use the well with the stroke pump for water. 


But now farming, having a job that takes me away for a chunk of the day...every time that old furnace kicks on is something to be thankful for.  -30 works that old furnace harder and it can`t afford to miss one beat at those temps.   We now have a corn stove, but that needs power and if the furnace conked out, it wouldn`t keep the house thawed out at the predicted temps.  


If it`s above 0 we can get by, but the more below 0, the more dependent on that poor old furnace we are.   Outta go back to the wood stoves, but the old lady can`t stand the mess they make, she would like to throw the corn stove out the way it is. 

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Re: A Cold Spell

When I was 17 or 18 years old the scientist were warning us about the coming ice age. When they figured out there was no money in that they changed to warning us about man made global warming, the melting ice caps and a 20 foot rise in the ocean levels. When they couldn't hide the cooling they changed the phrase to climate change and warned about hurricanes and wildfires. Some fools actually believe them. Others want you to believe so they can get research money. But the big money people want to trade carbon futures. No expiration dates or deliveries. Well no deliveries except your money to the big banks. So spend this man made global warming unbearable weather at google finding anything you can to make us all look like science deniers. And how Bruce Jenner really is a girl.