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Red Steele
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A Romanian looks at American Communism

Not saying I agree with some of his premises, but an interesting take, none the less.


Obamacare. The collectivization of the healthcare in America.

I wrote quite a bit about this healthcare collectivization in my political book, because this collectivization has a perfect analogy in the land and factories collectivization done by communists in Romania when I was a child and seen it all. 

It was my hope to have the book published before this entire charade started, but things got in the way and because my book will not be published until 2014, I decided to reveal how this liberal-communist trick works. I was raised by communists and I know exactly how communists think. 

The first question that comes to mind is; why does Obama wants this “affordable care act” which is nothing other than a continuation of Hillarycare which started in the nineties? 

American health care was the best in the world and while it is true that it become expensive, the reasons for this healthcare being expensive will not be eliminated, by any change in the industry. ………..I will not discuss those reasons here.

The reason Hillary-Obamacare started was because communists are control maniacs. The communists are totally incapable of running anything, but they are constantly eaten by envy and have the mania of controlling everything. These two vices get them going constantly and they never stop. 

But why did they choose the healthcare industry to act upon, considering that it was doing fine and nobody was complaining against it? The poor got all the health they wanted for free and I can testify for that, because I am a very poor man in America and have the best of health care there is. 

I am one of those financially poor people, because while all the people I know were chasing wealth, I spent the last 20 years writing one book. Therefore I do not blame at all the system for my financial poverty. Actually I-m glad that the system is such that I could choose to live in meager conditions while I could study so much and write what I discovered. It is my conclusion that my achievement [I consider it great] was possible only in America. 

But let’s go back to the question; why did the Hillary-Obama coalition decided to begin their communist ruling in America by collectivizing the health industry? 

There are two reasons for it. 

One is the immense wealth this industry commands. ---When the red communists collectivized the factories and the lands in Eastern Europe, was because all the wealth in those countries was in land and factories. And while it is true that American agricultural industry is the one which brings most of the wealth to America, it is impossible to even think of collectivizing it, because of many reasons which I will not enumerate here. 

The other reason is a trick which could be used in health industry only for persuading the majority that the collectivization of the health system is a good idea. 

The trick is very simple and it worked. 

Here it is:

There are about 40 million Americans who do not have health insurance. These people are healthy young people, who because they are young and healthy and confident, do not want to throw away a good chunk of their income to the insurance companies. They do not need it. ----------- That is the trick. 

The comrades started blabbing on those poor 40 million people who do not have health insurance, because they can’t afford it and they are struggling daily to survive without medicine and even the minimal health care which could save their life. Much tragedy was made on these “poor people who couldn’t afford healthcare” by the very cooperating comrades in the media. 

That propaganda worked, because the comrade’s communists who run the media propagated the false concept that it was the 40 million who can’t afford it, when in fact it was 40 million who didn’t want it. The lamenting of the desperate situation of the 40 million poor Americans who “cannot afford insurance” swindled the fools who are the majority of voters in America, into believing that “the affordable care act” is a genuine care of the comrades who run the country for the citizens. 

So far this is the first half of the trick. 

The second half of the trick is in forcing these young healthy people to join inthe collectivization. The red communists in Eastern Europe were much more innocent minded and they simply beaten to death or tortured the good productive [healthy] farmers into signing everything into collectivization. The American neo-communists are much more refined in their actions and they only use the internet and a $2000 fine as threat for noncompliance. The comrades must be much more careful than in the past, until they have full control of society. 

The second half of the trick explained above, will help the comrades after the collectivization. ---By adding the healthiest 40 million Americans to the Obamacare, a tremendous amount of money will be added to the system and that means a great temporary relief from the financial strain the Medicare system is in at present. When that indicial great financial relief comes, the comrades will immediately yell; look how good everything works now, when you people did what we told you to do. 

That relief will be very temporary and it will turn into a disaster in no time at all, because of two reasons. 

First and foremost reason, is the fact that communists will run the system and that is the surest way that everything will go to hell in no time at all. 

The second and just as good a reason for sending the healthcare to hell in a hurry, is the very fact that all that extra money which will be collected and thrown into that big pot, will be floating around with nothing to do. That money will not be there because it was needed, but it arrived there, because a simple trick done by people who want to grab power at any cost. 

There is no need of great imagination to realize how quickly that surplus of dollars will be gone, when the greedy and careless will be able to indulge themselves with all that “extra money” hovering over the needed money for the expenses. All sorts of government supervising agencies will be created with all that money and of course it will be communist members of the alliance who will be in charge. 

One can realize the competence of the people who will run the Obamacare simply by looking at how efficient is the internet site they built for the purpose of forcing everybody into the Obamacare collectivization. 

The reason these comrades failed so miserably in their mission to control the industry in time, even tough is in their hands already and have all the money on earth to do it, is because they are good at physically beating and torturing people in order to persuade them into collectivization or any of their activity. But they do not have the intellect elevated enough for using electronics for the purpose and they are such controlling maniacs and they are also dumb enough not to hire people capable to make this democracy enslaving trick as smooth as possible. Like I said; communists can’t run anything properly. 

Nevertheless they will succeed. They will succeed, because they have no opposition. All the media is in their hands and the only opposition which is the Radio Talk Shows is utterly incompetent. 

The so called “opposition” which is the republican gossip radio talk shows, already learned from me part of this explanation, because some of it was stolen about 4 years ago, when the ever protective “American Security” turned my cell phone on and listened to me recording some ideas of the book on a voice recorder. The radio gossip show people, started blabbing on this subject one week later, but because they didn’t have the whole text and don’t have the brain to figure things out by themselves, or to explain things as I explained here in a few pages, the communist trick was never understood by American people. 

The mistake will be realized after the initial good financial times, which will be created in Obamacare by the forced enrolling into the collectivization of the healthy 40 million who don’t need healthcare. 

It will be too late.


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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: A Romanian looks at American Communism

I can imagine how that would be music to your ears. Lay back comrade and take some deep breath exercises in your hammock.
Senior Advisor

Re: A Romanian looks at American Communism

OK I don't like all of the money spent on military, making war and ppreparing for war. Would you defend me f I didn't want my money to go for that. I would much rather buy  A Harley or a boat or go surfing off hawaii. I'm jjust an old guy that doesn't like the government speniding my money on things i don't like.


Will you stand up for me the way you stand up for young flks that don't want to pay for health insurence. Yet when they crash their harley and need their brains restored back in place, they exect doctors and hospitals to repair their injuries so they can buy their next toy.


The affordable care act ought to help them buy insurance. If they refuse that they must sign a waiverthat says they will expect no charity healthcare if they don't want to share in the responsibility.  Now they can stay on their parents piolicy until age 26 after that they pay their own **bleep** medical bills.


You made about as much sense when you were defending Clavin Bundy!

Senior Contributor

Re: A Romanian looks at American Communism

Stormfront Worldwide, eh? White Pride Worldwide? 


I think it should be noted where this post originated. Here's the post:


Here is Wikipedia on Stormfront:

bruce MN

Re: A Romanian looks at American Communism

There is no shame for the shameless Knapper. Red only need to take a normal stride to clear this bar.
Senior Contributor

Re: A Nazi looks at American Communism

Red can tell us where he found that little jewel of a post. Until then, I wanted everyone to know it came from a neo-Nazi website originally.


It was pretty simple to Google the wording and it was the only word for word match I found.