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A Star is Born

in the brilliant, if Quixotic, effort for the prosecution. 

As far as the defense and the Dream Team goes, it is hard to figure how OJ and Epstein got off with knuckleheads like this representing them.

Although explains how Clinton did.

What a bunch of losers. Which only matters to the 1% or so who are both watching and undecided.

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Re: A Star is Born

I doubt that any of them are great attorneys but in fairness, you can't be a great lawyer with a lyin' idiot for a client.


Re: A Star is Born

The way Cohn (and his successors as fixers for the Trump Crime Org) was by almost never having his client involved. Sue, counter sue, bully, intimidate, lie, stall.

Finally settle if your opponent has deep enough pockets to last. Of the vast number of lawsuits Dennison was involved in, few ever got to court and he almost never fared well if they got that far.


Re: A Star is Born

Seriously, these guys are as bad as the knucklehead they had for counsel in the House- who was so dumb that Jordan and Nunes had to feed him cues.

Cippillone and Sekulow also witnesses and possible accessories to the crimes at hand- cause for discipline and possible disbarment.


BTW, wonder what Don McGahn's doing now, other than waiting around over the last year as they use the courts to keep him from ever having to testify anywhere.

Tip- Trump calls- don't take it- ETTD.

It may come down to you guys as the list gets depleted.