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A bad day for all of us

By now most have heard that the presidents campaign manager and assistant have been taken in on charge s of working with the Russian government to impact our election.
Folks...this is bad.
Knowingly or unknowingly....trump had assistance from the Russian government in winning.
Trump has discounted this for months....a grand
Jury has found enough evidence to say, yes something was going on.
I find it hard to believe he knew nothing....after all, he
Knows about everything else.
The question then MUST be asked and MUST be
Answered....what kind of a person would ask help
From the Russians to help him win the election.
A foreign government taking an active role in
A process of electing our leadership.

I'm sorry, but all of his actions and motives are
In question.
You first say America #1, but have the Russians help you win, now they are bad ?

Our trade deals...problems overseas, such as Syria, Iran are they impacted ? North Korea,
Where the generals have all but said war. And
Perhaps nuclear !.....all over several missles that
Pose no threat. We have things in place today
That can deal with that event.
Our actions to that situation is insane.

Trump needs to step down before all of this gets
Worse, the question is, should pense also step
Down, since he also benefits.

It's a cold and bitter day here, highs in upper 40s and
Wind 20 to 30 mphs.

I think the nation is also waking up to this cold and
Bitter day, comming from Washington.

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Re: A bad day for all of us the way Russia backs North Korea

My friends take a look at the big picture is Halloween
Senior Contributor

Re: A bad day for all of us

"The Sky is falling!,.....The sky is falling!!!"

    - Chicken Little -

Senior Contributor

Re: A bad day for all of us

Trash is trash and it is time to take it out on both sides. As long as you are willing to clean house on both sides I am with your statements . If you say the HIlldabeast and  the big Zero are clean then go to hell it is game on.

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Re: A bad day for all of us