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A little clarification on climate change

I don't think the scientists are suggesting that all climate change is a product of human existance. Nature has it's own ways of creating change with or without our help.


However, what the scientific community is saying is that human behavior is exacerbating the problem ansd we should try to correct the errors of our ways. Farmers of all people should enderstand that doing some things is harmful to our soil or rivers and streams. So we adject our behavior to avoid the altered condition that we can expect.


Instead of arguing with science, why not look for logic and reason. Why is so many of you folks look down on the educated as if they all have some agenda. I don't happen to hate people that are educated and trying to find some fact based logic. It seems as though the righties condemn people that know stuff and are educated and strive to inform themselves. Oh they all got some hidden agenda and are out to destroy our lives.


What kind of logic is that? Do you really think Limbaugh has this climate thing nailed down? That he the most pompous ass in america has all the solution and a patent on logic? I can understand not wanting to change but are you so enamored with the afflent oil companies that you will allow them to destroy our planet? That profiteering in a capitist society has a higher value than human existance.


Just stop for a moment and consider that those thousands in the scientific community are not all driven by personal gain. They just might think this adjustment is good for future human existance.

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Re: A little clarification on climate change

I'm guessing I am better educated than you Don and yet you won't agree with me on everything. you must just be jealous.

Re: A little clarification on climate change

i wonder how many of those scientists have some oil company stock in their investment portfolio. I wonder if those scientists do their work for free because they don't believe in making a living they just are "looking out for us". that would be terrible because they wouldn't be paying taxesSmiley Happy

Re: A little clarification on climate change

My brother is a scientist. He has things of his design on the surface of Mars, flew through the tail of a comet, and provided a way for information to flow through the Internet. He has studied this topic extensively and has concluded that man's effect on global mean temperatures is nil. He says that the "man-made climate change" agenda is "pure horse $#!+".

Picture this.... The entire vast Atlantic Ocean. Imagine you taking a leak into the ocean. That is the amount of effect that man has on the climate as your bladder release has on the Atlantic Ocean.
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Re: A little clarification on climate GREED once again!!!

The climate change agenda started out with a noble cause, now it's just simply a money making machine, that's all it is.

Re: A little clarification on climate GREED once again!!!

The same with all their schemes to "make" money without having to work for it. Take Jessie Jackson's rainbow coalition for example.

If the Leftists truly believed in the dire state of our "fragile climate" , they would have their luxury cars, trucks, deluxe motor homes, and muscle cars crushed immediately! They would not take carbon burning vacations on cruise ships, or trips to Mexico for dental work. If they really believe that we must stop using carbon burning fuels, they must lead the way by living like Fred Flintstone.

Re: A little clarification on climate GREED once again!!!

Oh Boy-bronto burgers!

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Re: A little clarification on climate change

Strange comments always from the left.  You're anti science if you don't believe what government and UN paid hacks put out regarding the climate.  It doesn't seem to matter if you do have a masters degree or years of weather related studies.  It doesn't matter if you pushed your children into science degrees.  


If you disagree with the UN and Al Gore bunch you are ignorant and hate science.


Those who make such claims are simply sycophants to the liberal agenda.

Re: A little clarification on climate change

Don, don't waste your time being in the least bit moderate or conciliatory on the topic- it is a matter of deeply held tribal religion and you'll just get thrown on the burn pile with the rest of the heretics.


But I do fail to see what is remotely conservative in burning all the low cost fossil fuels and degrading the planet that we leave to our children and theirs.


I'm always puzzled by the logic of people who express great concern of fiscal matters (leaving our children in debt) but are hostile to any suggestion of natural resource stewardship. After all, the planet is finite and money isn't nearly so.

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Re: A little clarification on climate change

Don I have been saying that for a couple of years but people like 20 and wehave never will understand that. They keep saying that MAN does NOT cause it! Well, DUH! People with a pint size brain agree--he only contributes to the severity of it.